What is Baidu Stop Word?

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Among Baidu’s many ranking algorithms, one of them is stop words. In order to improve indexing speed and save storage space, Baidu crawler filters out some meaningless words when indexing page content. That is to say, these words are stopped by the crawler. We call the words stopped by the crawler as stop words, which is called stopword in English.

1. Baidu stop word types

Baidu stop package words include modal particles, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, etc., which usually have no clear meaning by themselves. Only when they are put into a complete sentence can they have a certain effect, such as the common “的”, ” In “like.”

Let me give another example to illustrate what a stop word is, like “IT Technology Review”. Although the “IT” in it means “Information Technology” from our original meaning, in fact, this abbreviation can be accepted by most people. , But for search engines, this “IT” is nothing more than “it”, which means “it”. This is an extremely common and ambiguous word in English, and will be ignored in most cases . We reserve “IT” in IT technology reviews to be more oriented toward “people” rather than search engines, so that users can understand that the content of IT technology review sites is limited to information technology, although this may not be the best deal from the SEO point of view Way.

2. Why should there be stop words

The amount of search engine text is very large, and a large part of it is modal auxiliary words, adverbs and other basically meaningless texts, such as: oops, oops, others, results, let, but, etc.

There are two main reasons why stop words choose these words:

These function words are extremely common. Recording the number of these words in each document requires a lot of disk space.

Due to their universality and function, these words rarely express information about the degree of document relevance alone. If you consider every word instead of a phrase in the search process, these functional words are basically not helpful.

3. Editors should pay attention to the use of stop words

Editors need to understand these stop words, because try to avoid stop words in the page title, so that we can better highlight our optimized keywords;

When editing articles, using as few stop words as possible can increase the keyword density of the page.

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