About Client

JOJO International is 100% Australian owned and has been serving Australia quality supplements since 1999.
Sourcing from Australia’s pure natural goodness, their products provide a natural solution to promote prevention, recovery and relief from symptoms, as well as supporting general health and well-being.

Attend China Exhibition

Every year JOJO will actively come to China to participate in some food and health exhibitions, and participate in CIIE in 2019 and 2020. With the help of our cooperation at the exhibition, they found some high-quality distributors to help their products find the market in China faster.

Online eCommerce

We helped JOJO build a localized e-commerce website to sell nutrition and health supplement products directly supplied by Australia, and achieved good sales. In the future, they will continue to invest more budgets in e-commerce operations to adapt to the growing Chinese market.

Business Assistance

From the very beginning, we signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with JOJO, responsible for all operations of their brands and products in the Chinese market.