Tim Zhang

Founder & CEO

From August 2016, I formed my own digital marketing studio in Shanghai and registered standard company. Previous clients supported me a lot on project cooperation and business development. Any big business came from small startup. In my team, there are programmer, web and graphic designer, content writer, English translator, SEM specialist, SEO specialist, social media specialist. All of us work and live in a very flat but vibrant environment. Our spirit and enthusiasm pass to my clients during all kinds of cases.


Career begins

After graduation from English literature major, I joined an online fashion e-commerce company as content creator. My main work was to write SEO oriental fashion blogs in English everyday. Vogue, Elle, Marrie Claire were my favorite magazines. I wrote hundreds of articles about fashion in one and half of year.

This experience played a very important role in my digital marketing business career. I was trained very comprehensively on Google SEO skills, Google AdWords, social media like Facebook, content marketing strategy, e-Commerce operation, etc.