Digital marketing trends in 2021

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The world has shifted from analog to digital, and recent events have further accelerated this transition. If you have established an online presence, then you will have the opportunity to begin to understand the importance of the Internet. Tangjie Media believes that these marketing trends will dominate the digital environment in 2021.

Show social conscience.

Due to the renewed interest in sociology, equality and cultural tolerance, 2020 will be regarded as the zero year. This means that any company must show that it understands the importance of social issues and diversity. This is not just a PR event. This is essential for survival in a world that is increasingly concerned about society, as 70% of consumers require brands to maintain a stand on today’s outstanding issues. Minority consumers, especially those who once felt marginalized, are openly accepting businesses that reflect the diversity and inclusiveness of their brands and marketing.

Prove your sustainability certificate.

In the midst of social turmoil and global pandemics, you will forget that we are also living in emergency situations of climate change, which is forgivable. However, many consumers did not ignore them because of this. Sustainability and environmental protection certificates are becoming more and more important to customers in the 21st century. For any business, this is a tricky rope. Although consumers undoubtedly care about the environment, this sympathy has been so far. For most customers, price and convenience are still the focus of their consideration. Finding a balance between providing these advantages without compromising the health of the planet can make your brand appeal to a contemporary audience.

Embrace the live broadcast.

Like hockey, the world’s least popular game, most consumers will be locked in for most of 2020. This naturally leads to changes in habits and existence. As people instructed to stay at home, the popularity of real-time streaming has greatly increased. Consumers need to be reminded that the world continues to turn outside its window. Real-time streaming can help your audience connect with your business. Rethink your social media strategy to fully embrace real-time streaming. Although TikTok/TikTok is a novice, it is becoming more and more popular in the commercial field. Embrace this, because the app has more than 500 million users worldwide-sure to increase in 2021.

Focus on building a community, not selling.

For businesses and consumers, the times are difficult. This means that it may be tempting to designate 2021 as a “hard sale” year to increase revenue and make up for lost profit margins. Avoid this temptation. Users sometimes forget that humans are running a business, whether on social media or elsewhere online. By emphasizing this and focusing on user-generated content, your brand can build bridges and create communities. For consumers in 2021, this will be more important than ever.

Consider the development of voice and vision technology.

SEO has long been at the forefront of any digital marketing strategy. Although still so-organic web traffic will always be the most reliable way to get the audience’s attention-what we need to consider is how people are looking for as much as possible what they are looking for. It is no secret that mobile and tablet browsing have replaced the use of traditional desktop computers. This means that countless consumers will use products such as Siri, Cortana, Google and Alexa to make queries. Incorporate it into your SEO strategy for the coming year. Although keywords are always critical, Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly interested in voice and visual search technology. Becoming an early adopter will greatly increase your chances of brand loyalty in 2021 and beyond.

Get podcasts.

As an extension of the above points, if it has not been done yet, consider accepting the podcast revolution. Young professionals are the target market for podcasting and are most likely to adopt this technology. They like the intimacy of talking directly with them. As mentioned earlier, podcasts remind consumers that your brand is managed and maintained by people, not machines.

Be transparent and keep in touch with your audience.

It can be said that this is the most important consideration for everyone. More than ever, consumers want to feel that they are spending money on businesses that share a common values. This means treating your intentions frankly and honestly. In the 2020 pandemic, several companies and individuals shocked themselves because of their public relations mistakes. Learn from these mistakes and make sure that your brand is considered honest, transparent, and trustworthy.

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