China Digital Marketing Trends Report: China’s Marketing Investment Expected to Grow 19% in 2022

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On December 15 2021, the data from the “2022 China Digital Marketing Trend Report” jointly released by the Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science, the Global Digital Marketing Summit GDMS and Media 360 shows that the growth data of China’s marketing market is in line with the overall trend of making progress while maintaining stability in the macro economy. The report surveyed 270 mature and emerging advertisers in more than 20 industries including food and beverage, beauty and personal care, and healthcare.

The report shows that in 2022, China’s marketing investment confidence is generally positive, and the overall marketing expenses of enterprises are stable and bullish, with an increase of 19%. In 2022, the average growth rate of digital marketing in China is in line with the growth rate of overall marketing investment, at 19%, which is a drop from the actual increase of 22% in 2021, but still maintains a high growth trend.

Tan Beiping, President of Miaozhen Marketing Academy, said, “Through this year’s report, we can find that in the environment of economic development and stability, marketing investment is still growing, marketing digitization is also in the fast lane, and marketers are generally concerned about product efficiency. There’s a new direction for rebranding. Many issues, such as marketing ROI improvement, performance measurement, and media fragmentation, are still unresolved, and new challenges are coming, which require complex investment factors to consider.”

The report shows that 54% of advertisers believe that China’s overall marketing investment will increase in 2022, 10% believe that it will increase significantly, and 44% believe that it will increase slightly. The proportion of advertisers who believe that marketing investment will increase will increase by 7 percentage points compared with 2021. Under normal circumstances, China’s marketing investment confidence continues to be positive. Among emerging advertisers, 58% believe that China’s marketing investment will increase, 87% of emerging advertisers will increase marketing investment, 16 percentage points higher than mature advertisers, and 38% of emerging advertisers will increase their budgets by more than 30%. The main is 17%.

Regarding the “purposes that they hope to achieve by advertising”, 88% and 83% of advertisers chose brand goals (strengthening brand image and enhancing brand awareness) and effect goals (increasing sales), and the proportions both increased compared with last year. In contrast, the proportion of advertisers who choose brand goals is higher, and both quality and efficiency are the marketing goals in 2022.

In terms of types of media resources, mobile terminals are still the main choice for advertisers’ marketing investment, with 73% of advertisers saying that they will increase the investment in mobile Internet; 25% and 19%, worthy of attention. In contrast, the increase in investment in PC and live TV is relatively weak.

On the Internet side, in the distribution of different types of resources, short video, social media and e-commerce media ranked first, and the proportion of advertisers who increased short video, social and e-commerce advertising was as high as 79%, 77%, and 57%, which is worthy of attention. What is interesting is that the proportion of increased investment in live broadcasting has dropped by 5 percentage points compared with last year, and the proportion of increased investment in search and comprehensive information has also decreased to varying degrees.

In the delivery of different forms of advertisements, KOL advertisements and short videos with the ability to convert and bring goods ranked first, and the proportion of advertisers who increased the delivery of KOL advertisements and short videos reached 70% and 69%. Effective advertising and information flow still have advantages, and the proportion of advertisers who increase investment in both exceeds 50%.

Regarding the level of digital application in different marketing fields, the report shows that the current application of e-commerce and user operations, KOL placement, and data management is relatively high, but only between 30% and 40%. More sections are still under construction, and there is huge room for digital marketing in China.

“I hope that through this important report combined with quantitative and qualitative research, it will bring together the latest and most concerned views and issues of Chinese marketing practitioners, gain insight into the development trend of China’s marketing, and discover important issues that need to be solved urgently in marketing.” Tan Beiping said.

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